The book is devoted to dynamic nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (DNMR) and
consist of seven chapters. The first and second chapters deal with the history and basic
theory of NMR. The third chapter is devoted to the DNMR spectroscopy, which has plays
an important role in studying various interactions in solutions including hydrogen bond
formation, molecular reorientation, highspeed intramolecular rotations, spatial
interactions, the formation of molecular association etc. in the liquid state. Chapters 4–7
provide practical examples of NMR at studying relaxation, diffusion, molecular weight
and nanoparticle sizes.
The presented book as well as is suitable for advanced undergraduate students and
graduate students encountering NMR for the first time and also for professional
researchers already actively using this method in synthetic, physical, biological,
pharmaceutical and industrial chemistry.


Разработка: студия Green Art